About Kashani Trading

The business activity of Kashani Trading started in 1991 by Mr. Taghi Rahnama Kashani and Abbas Rahnama Kashani, who together with their children are in charge of managing Kashani trading's business collections.
The activity of this group is in the field of importing construction facilities, industrial valves and refineries from China, Taiwan, Thailand and Japan, which is among the first in Iran.
Imported goods such as galvanized fittings with T and K brands for water supply, seamless pipes and fittings with Benkan brand in different categories for gas supply, stainless steel pipes with Nippon Steel brand in different materials and categories, stainless steel fittings with Erne Fittings brand in different materials and grades,stainless  steel valves and steel valves with Nippon, Kitz, Kitz Steel and LVF brands , UNI-D brand electric valves, HISEC brand bronze safety valves, stainless steel safety valves with LVP brand.
Kashani Trading in the wholesale sector has various branches in Tehran and Mashhad with an experienced staff and has the ability to distribute goods to all parts of the country.
The projects that have cooperated with Kashani Trading Group include Mashhad Mall, Iran Mall, Shahr Royai Pahideh, Homa Mashhad Hotel, hotels around the Holy Shrine, oil refineries of the country and petrochemical companies throughout the country.